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Back to school and other stuff. Thinking out loud #2

Last week I participated in this linkup from Amanda’s running with spoons for the first time. I thought it might be weird to have another post format for Thursdays, but I eventually realized that I can combine the two post styles. “Thinking out loud” is three words, hence it can be my “Three Word Thursday” at the same time.

ξ Solar Eclipse 2017

Three Word Thursday

Did you see the eclipse? We did and it was awesome. I wasn’t really prepared for this event.  Due to my lack of planning, we didn’t have glasses. On Sunday night I got kind of excited though. Luckily our Middle School had invited to a viewing event, so that my older daughter could pick up a couple  free pairs of eclipse glasses at the school on Monday morning. After breakfast we all went over at around 9.30 am PST and watched the eclipse with a bunch of other families. One dad had even set up a telescope and I took a selfie with the moon & the sun through the lens.

My girls and I were really impressed with the experience. Even though we had a doctor’s appointment at 10.45 am,  we could observe how the moon left the face of the sun again afterwards. So cool.

ξ Binge watching

I’m still binge watching “House of Cards”. I literally can’t stop.  I’m on chapter 49 now and I  had to watch Frank Underwood doing and saying things that I hope no president has never ever said in reality. It’s just inconceivably terrifying. But, Kevin Spacey’s face is priceless, he is such a sensational actor.

ξ Last Days of Summer

Three Word Thursday



Last weekend I made herb simple syrups and was very pleased with the results. Will post the recipes and cocktail I made with the thyme syrup soon!




We had a perfect last day of summer on Tuesday when we went to Capitola beach. I was happy and grateful for the time with good friends and seeing my girls having so much fun in the water. Even though I was really looking forward for them going back to school, I became a bit remorseful knowing that the fun days were over. We had a great summer with hiking in LA, cycling in SF, camping in Sequoia and more fun in Colorado and camp for our girls.

ξ Back to School

But yesterday the kids finally went back to school. And it was great. This is the last year for lots of things. The last year of Elementary School for our 10-year old, the last day of Middle School for our 13-year old and probably the last year of school in the US in general.

There was so much excitement. My girls love going back to school. And we are grateful that they get to go to schools that make them enjoy learning. That’s when I actually don’t care about how great the academics or how high the test scores are. Our girls do really well in their schools here and they love to learn. I think that is more important than anything else. But I think that I have a different conception of education and schools than native Americans anyway.

ξ A new school year is a new beginning.

The first day of school is so special for our girls.  My older one told me a couple weeks ago that adults always make New Year’s resolutions. They plan to be better at or quit something, eat and spend less or exercise more. Then she explained to me that the beginning of the school year is the counterpart for children. It is their time to make new plans. They plan to make new friends, to do homework on time, be more organized or get better grades somewhere. I loved that insight in the life of a teenager. Besides, it totally reminded me how important school life is for children and youth. After all, they spend most of their day at school. It also made me remember of my time in High School. Good times: school, homework, sports and nothing else to worry about. How privileged and happy we were!

I hope our kids will keep having the same experience and won’t have anything major to worry about while growing up.



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