The Hollywood Sign is a must see.

Last Wednesday I fulfilled myself a long-sighted dream: My girls and I hiked up to the Hollywood Sign. To be precise, behind the Hollywood Sign. We stayed in LA for four days and after visiting Universal Studios on Tuesday, it was time for some nature and quietness.

And the closeup is even better.

There are several ways to get close to the sign and after doing some research I decided to do the following hike, explained very detailed from The Hiking Guy here. The hike is a 6-mile roundtrip, 3 miles uphill and 3 miles downhill. The earlier you can start in the morning, the better.

We drove up Canyon Drive and found a parking spot at the closest lot to the trailhead.

You hike uphill for the first mile until you get to a bench where you have beautiful views of the Griffith Observatory and Los Angeles.

Hollywood Sign

The second mile is rather flat with a few rolling hills in between and you get slowly closer to the sign.

Hollywood Sign

The last mile is a steep road up to Mt. Lee.

Hollywood Sign

Until you are finally right behind the sign. It’s beautiful!

Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Sign

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Being so close to the sign, you notice that the single letters are not set on the hill in a straight line. The “O” is actually set significantly lower than the “H” and that’s why I could take this shot on our way back down:

Hollywood Sign

We were making fun of “Ohllywood” and my 10-year old came up with the saying:

“Welcome to OHLLYWOOD”, the land of ‘oviestars and ‘elebrities.”


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This hike is part of my series “My weekly ramble”, in which I haven’t posted for a while.

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