It’s been a while since my last walk for the blog.

Today was a great day to get out and explore the local trails. It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday and our family went on a wildflower hunt. I shared a couple websites in the last weeks about the best hikes in California to see wildflowers this spring.

California’s Spring 2017 Wildflower Forecast and

Wildflower Treasure Hunt Santa Clara County Parks

We picked the Ridge Trail in the Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve at the junction of Skyline Blvd. and Page Mill Road. The drive there is already beautiful.


It is an easy hike along the hilly ridge line and you are rewarded with wonderful views of the Bay in the East and the Pacific Ocean to the West. Honestly we were a bit disappointed about the amount of wildflowers. There were rather sparse. But on our hunt for flowers we spotted the California Poppies, Johnny Jump-Ups, Red Maids, Fiddlenecks and California Buttercups.


You walk about 0.7 miles to Borel Hill, which is the highest named point in San Mateo County. You have a pretty awesome 360º view which makes for great panorama and family shots. On a clear day like today you can see the Pacific Ocean and the Bay all the way up to San Francisco.


From there you can walk as far out as you like, up, down or around some other hills. I love our family hikes, even though there’s always a bit of complaining beforehand from all participants (my husband is unfortunately not a hiking fan), but towards the end everyone is always very happy and fulfilled.

I just read that the wildflower bloom has actually just started and that it will last until end of May. I can see another wildflower ramble in our close future!

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