Watsonville is a city in Santa Cruz County, California, with a population about 51,000. 2013_poster_souvenir_343x600It is known for its farming industry, growing strawberries, apples, lettuce and a host of other vegetables. Watsonville is home to the annual Strawberry Festival, which includes a wide variety of strawberry based foods, live music, vendors, and rides. The Pajaro Dunes area of Watsonville attracts tourists to its high end beach front condos and time shares.

Downtown. Watsonville, California, USA





I wrote about this quaint town in Yolo County a while ago in one of my weekly rambles. If you’re on a road trip through NorCal you should definitely check it out.


Golden State Warriors

Our favorite sports team in California! We are huge Warriors fans and have been to three games in the Oracle Arena, Oakland. After the team won the NBA championship in 2015 and after they’ve written basketball history with 73:9 wins in the 2015/2016 season, tickets prices have gone through the roof and it’s not really affordable to get tickets anymore.


Stephen Curry is a two times MVP and Kevin Durant joined the team for the 2016/2017 season. Here is a pretty funny clip that was going  around last October: “Superteam: A Warriors Musical”.


I’ve actually never been in Woodside downtown, but we were pretty lucky to be invited to a birthday party at Runnymede Sculpture Farm in Woodside. Most parts of the farm are not open to the public, but we were lucky enough to swim in the gorgeous pool and have a cold beer poolside. Afterwards we walked over the grounds and enjoyed all the cool sculptures. This day is high on my list of the many unforgettable days in California.

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Watch the sunset

California has more than 800 miles of coastline and hundreds of diverse beaches just waiting to be explored. You can find wide sandy beaches like Santa  Monica or Huntington, and lonely windswept beaches in Point Reyes are just as beautiful as the sun-kissed surfing spots in Orange County like Laguna Beach. So whether it is on white sand, black sand in Marin, or rocky tidelands along the Lost Coast, make sure to take time to sit down together and stare out into the Pacific while watching those last moments of light slip away. Isn’t California so beautiful?

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