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I’m tired, but can’t stop thinking that…

ξ it’s been a busy week so far. Labor Day Camping on the weekend (too much to drink, too little sleep). I started my new job on Tuesday: A substitute teacher position at the German School. I have to get up early. My morning commute is close to terrible. I’m training for a triathlon. I’m applying for another job (just in case) + the usual list of errands and chores and a sick child on top of it. I don’t want to complain, it feels good to be busy.

School Stuff

ξ I enjoy teaching and after a couple days of working in a school environment again, I realized that I’ve missed being in a classroom. Furthermore, I miss being a classroom teacher. Being in some classrooms now, I already had so many ideas popping in my head what I would all do differently regarding classroom management.



ξ Furthermore I realized that I am so very grateful for the great schools our girls go to. And first of all I’m grateful for all the teachers my girls had or have in their American public schools. I’ve been helping in the classrooms for the last 8 years and I’ve seen so many wonderful teachers that have excellent classroom management, reasonable rules and are capable of being consequent, loving and authentic at the same time.








ξ I’m happy about my meal plan this week. I already cooked two great dinners that I’d love to share. The sushi bowl was a big hit in my family. Besides, we used the leftovers for lunch sushi rolls. Killing two birds with one stone, ha! And the Burrito bowl is one of my favorite vegetarian recipes. It’s healthy and easy to make since it’s a one pan dish.







ξ I’m wondering, why other people feel the need to correct my pronunciation? They often do it even in front of other people. People who don’t even speak another language themselves! But apparently they seem to get a kick out of making fun of my “W” or “V” sound. What’s their motivation? Do they really want to help me with their remarks? I doubt it. I haven’t heard anyone telling my husband that his “th” sucks, ever. And it does, lol. I actually found a great question on that topic on and I agree with Sandeep’s answer 100 %.

tired on Thursday

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And now, 

ξ I would love to take a nap, but I have to teach another lesson. And unfortunately I’m not a napper. I’ll have a G & T with my friend tonight instead.


These were my random Thursday thoughts.

What are you thinking today?



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