Fall Starts Tomorrow

This is my fourth time linking up with Running with spoons. and my Three Word Thursday No. 21. So here are my random thoughts of the day.

Women are strong and awesome.

I just want to give a big shoutout to all the wonderful women I know and to women in general. I just had a couple FaceTime calls with two women in Germany. We’re working together on different blog projects and we all have a mutual experience with life in English-speaking countries. Jonna lived in England for a few years and Tina in the US for 5 years. I just always enjoy getting to know new women who have been and are so creative, strong and inspiring. In my post from International Women’s Day 2016 you can read about more wonderful women in my life.

Fall starts





I saw these two magazine covers at Target stating two very different messages about Angelina Jolie and her family life. My spontaneous thought was:

“Isn’t that true for all moms? On some days, your family makes you feel like being in a horror show and the other day you feel strong and are able to face any shit whatsoever.”



Fall starts tomorrow. 

I’m looking forward to this season. Fall in California is beautiful and I’ve enjoyed the crisp morning air the last couple mornings and the fact that I had to wear a jacket.  After I finally finished a linguistic test for a potential localization job 😅 yesterday night, my lovely husband made me this wonderful seasonable gin cocktail and called it “Autumn Apple Gin Jolly”. You may follow this recipe:

Apple & Gin Autumn Cocktail

Fall starts

Fall starts

Life is a series of random moments. 

Like yesterday: I went into the kitchen, made myself and coffee and looked out of the back window before starting my morning meditation. What did I see? A duck was swimming in our pool! I was so surprised and had to smile instantly. How did she get here? And why? I woke my girls up and they were as happy as I was about the surprising visitor. It was gonna be a good day.


Favorite Quote of the week.

Fall starts


Finally, I’m thinking of the people suffering all over the world.

So many natural disasters are happening right now. Hurricanes, floods, earthquakes in Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Texas and Mexico. The world seems to revolt and scream “You don’t think climate change exists? Well, here’s the proof that you’re all wrong!” And honestly, all this makes me pretty nervous. I started updating and replenishing our earthquake box, because also we live in on of the areas of the world, where a big earthquake can happen any day. If you haven’t donated yet, please consider to give any amount that could help the people who are in need right now. Here you can read how to help people affected by the Mexico City earthquake.


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