The last day….

of Barack Obama’s presidency is today.

I’m so sad. This country has become my second home and even though I don’t love everything about the US (neither do I about Germany), this president and his family has become a part of my home here  and my heart.

When we came to the US back in 2008 we were so fortunate to experience a historic election and we felt happy and proud for the country we just moved to. I know that he made mistakes and that he didn’t accomplish everything he aimed for. But what politician, what president did? He is a kind, smart and classy man. He is a role model and he is the kind of politician I want my children to have more of in their future adulthood.

Barack Obama has had a positive influence on our time here and I’m heart-broken that this phase is over. I shed some tears when I watched his farewell address and this shows me how I American I’ve actually become. I’m not a citizen, but a longterm resident of this country. And I feel that a lot in this place I live now is already great, no need to make it greater! Instead we should all thrive to make this country and the rest of the world cleaner, fairer, more kind and progressive. And I can’t see any of this happening with the next president.

Remember, that this is not normal!

Goodbye, Barack Obama! (video from Spiegel Online)

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