Collaboration with Expatmamas

A few weeks ago I got a “new like” on one of my posts on facebook. Jonna from “Expatmamas” found my blog and since then we started connecting. I joined her facebook group and found other German women living the expat life and some of them are sharing their stories on a blog, too.

That’s what I love about blogging. You can connect with people all over the world who are in a similar situation.Being an an “expat mama” means that you have to deal with all these challenges. You probably have to learn a new language, you have to find the right preschool for your kids in a place you don’t know nothing about it, you have to be constantly pro-active, so you’re actually going to meet people and make new friends. You have to figure out how to apply for a social security number, insurance, a work permit and so forth. It doesn’t matter to what country you just moved to, everyone is facing corresponding problems and it is great to have a place to connect.

That’s what “Expatmamas” offers. It is the first German website for women who live abroad with families. “Expatmamas wants to be a virtual home for the time you are at home abroad. It creates a platform so you can benefit from the experience of others or share your own story.” Click on the logo   Expatmamas. Im Ausland zuhause and check out Jonna’s website.

“…eine virtuelle Heimat (…) für die Zeit, die du im Ausland zuhause bist. … eine Plattform, damit du von den Erfahrungen anderer profitieren oder selbst deine Geschichte teilen kannst.”

Jonna also features other expat blogs from all around the globe. It’s a great place to connect with other expats, kindred souls and fellow bloggers. I’m looking forward to some more cooperation and mutual exchange.