Thinking out loud

I found this linkup on theinbetweenismine and I’d love to join Amanda at Running with Spoons in sharing my random thoughts on a Thursday.

I’ve been irregularly posting my “Three Word Thursday” but maybe I can alternate between the two post  formats. Writing about random stuff and having fun with it sounds great.

It’s late on this Thursday, but I’ve been pretty busy today and I’ve been thinking that

ξ I always wanted to start a “Happiness Jar”. I still need a good jar, but at least I wrote my first note about what made me happy today. Hope I’ll keep it up, so I can see what made me happy over the year.

Happiness Jar


ξ What made me happy? So far, a long bike ride with a friend and my awesome daughters were the highlights of this day. I rode 36 miles (I can feel my legs.) and I haven’t ridden that far in a while. Good workout. When I came back home, my girls had clean the house. Can you believe that? At first, I really couldn’t. But they did. They washed the dishes, vacuumed the floors and were just about to reorganized my messy laundry room. They left my speechless and full of gratitude. Besides, I was a bit proud of myself and my husband. Obviously our parenting can’t be that bad, don’t you think?

ξ One of our four chickens turned 7 years yesterday. She is the last one of the four chicks that were born on August, 16th 2010 and arrived at our house one day later. All her sisters passed and we had six other chickens in the meantime. But only Toopy and three others are still alive. Getting chicks was a great idea. They are super cute, easy to raise and the eggs are delicious!

ξ And I’m still speechless about what happened in Charlottesville. And today it happened again, in Cambrils, Spain! It leaves me beyond sad and devastated. Who does shit like that? How can anyone just drive into a group of people? Racism must be a mental illness. There is only one side. #charlottesville #resist

This is awful to watch. That’s why you must watch it.

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