The day after

This is mostly for my friends in Germany: Some of you have sent me texts, emails and WhatsApp messages last night and this morning. “The only good thing about this is, that you’re coming back, now, right?”“This is terrible!”, “Let me know when I should start looking for houses.”, “We are speechless.”“Germany is in shock.” Thank you for that! It made me feel a bit better. You are all as shocked as we are here and it makes me sick that so many people voted for the TV reality star who represents bigotry, racism, intolerance and insanity.

No first female president was elected. The pantsuit nation didn’t succeed. 

I can tell you that I (hopefully) don’t know anyone here in California who is pleased with the president elect. Well, at least not that I know of! Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and if only Millenials would have voted, she would have won in a landslide. But Brexit should have warned us. It was never sure that Hillary would win and now all us of have to deal with the outcome. How did this happen though? I don’t have an answer for you. As a German living here in the States I can only tell you about what I have heard and seen during these last, very painful 12 hours.

Americans voted against the establishment. Americans voted for the Republican candidate, even though they don’t like Trump.  They voted against Hillary. They voted against a woman. Women voted for Trump. They voted for the third-party candidate Johnson to make a point. (I wonder what these people think today looking in the mirror?) They voted for a this naricisstic guy who they think represents power, but who in reality is and will keep being weak and unreliable in his actions and words.

I feel that this country has lost its decency last night. This outcome does not make the rest of the world believe that the US is an inclusive, big hearted and progressive country. It tells them that the guy who wants to built a wall and who so obviously does not respect women, has won. Germany is shocked. And now this country has to heal, has to start over and try to get back together again.

Hillary’s concession speech was strong, honest and dignified. Someone called it the best concession speech in a very long time. She said that America has to look in the future and that it owes Donald Trump an open mind and the chance to lead. I agree. She also said that people have to defend their values and keep doing their part to build that better, stronger and fairer America. Again, I agree. Everyone has to do their share and it starts in your own home. If you want kind leaders, be kind people. Don’t let the hate win, don’t be cynical, stay true to your beliefs and promote them. I really hope that this one person won’t be able to change the world drastically if we won’t let him.

I appreciate the positivity that Clinton and Obama have tried to provide in their speeches this morning. And I know that cynicism won’t help us, but I have to agree again with what Hillary said this morning: “This is painful and it will be for a long time.” And today I’m the German who really just wants to scream loud:  “America, what is wrong with you? This is so fucked up!”

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  1. incahootswithmuddyboots

    November 9, 2016 at 2:09 pm

    One of the things I can’t wrap my mind around is, the fact that the disenfranchised population tends to generally vote against their own interest.
    I really appreciate your thoughts on this unfortunate turn of events!

    1. bellamonte

      November 9, 2016 at 3:54 pm

      Thank you. I can’t believe that so many times the candidate who wins the popular vote, won’t be the president. This country needs to change its election system.

      1. incahootswithmuddyboots

        November 9, 2016 at 3:58 pm

        They really do! I am so disappointed and sad that this country is stepping backwards instead of ahead.

  2. travelinggapeach

    November 9, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    I have two beautiful daughters and want the best for them. I want them to have a great career that challenges them, education that informs them and makes them grow, a future bright and filled with much more than merely accomplishment. I want my girls to experience love, and hurt, and joy, and pain. I want them to know that life is filled with struggles but that they can get through them and come out better. More importantly I want them to be mindful of the value of life and that their life is not as important as any others. I want them to know that truth is being completely honest even when its difficult. I want them to know courage is doing what is right when the whole country says it is wrong.
    Did I vote for a women who advocates killing the innocent but in the same sentence wants to take away the right to own guns because toddlers might be killed. Did I vote for someone who allowed soldiers to be slaughtered standing idly by allowing their families to suffer? Did I vote for a person being investigated for willfully sharing protected documents? Never, but neither did I vote for Trump.
    There was a third candidate that as a country we chose to ignore as a whole. However I voted for him since he aligned with what I believe. All the sadness over a person who chooses to murder the innocent I will never understand. When it comes down to it, I’m glad Trump, the big Buffoon, won over such a fickle minded, liar.

    1. bellamonte

      November 9, 2016 at 3:39 pm

      Thank you for your comment! It is good to know that people actually read what you write. Even though opinions are different. I think that everyone has the right to vote for the candidate they feel represents their values in the best way. I totally respect that. The problem is that in this election voting for the third candidate was voting for Trump. Voters should have thought about that. First of all you should blame your electoral system which is completely inappropriate and outdated. The candidate with the popular vote should become president. If you have read my post from yesterday, you know that I’m not convinced that Hillary was the best candidate for the presidency either. But I have two girls, too, and I have a hard time explaining them why a Donald Trump is the next president of the country we chose to be our home for now. Even though I’m not a citizen, hypothetically I probably would have voted for Hillary, because to me she represents much more stability in what she does. She might have lied and might have caused deaths of soldiers and civilians, but name me one American president or secretary of state who didn’t. Finally, I can not believe that you call her a fickle minded liar when this is all Donald Trump is, but trivialize him as a buffoon. I hope that’s all he will be, that he will have halfway intelligent consultants and that he won’t cause too much harm for your country and the rest of the world.

  3. Pit

    November 10, 2016 at 8:16 am

    I agree with you fully. It was a sad day for us all.

  4. chattykerry

    November 11, 2016 at 12:24 pm

    I, too, am very disappointed and wonder why so many people voted that way. I am much older than you and I remember asking my mother, “Why did the German people vote for Hitler?” I expect many of the reasons were the same including irrational fear of change, recession and foreigners. Please forgive me if I have caused any offense but the world will keep turning.

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