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A painted quote is a great gift idea for anyone you love!

I love to give gifts and I usually try to find something personal, something that suits the recipients personality or preferences. Lately I started trying to make gifts myself to make them even more personal and memorable. Last year, we painted my daughters room and did a little makeover as well. She got some new shelves, a new rug and other little things that matched the color “Tahitian Breeze” from Behr. That’s when I painted the first quote on a square canvas for her.

I used the paint from the sample we bought and a gold paint marker.

It is productive, fun and rewarding.

Then, a few months ago my friend ask for my advice on the purchase of a print from Sugarboo Designs. She wasn’t sure if to buy it or not. After I heard that they bought a completely different print, I copied the one she had asked about as good as I could. Since I’m not selling it, I guess that is ok. It was my birthday present for her and I think she likes it a lot.

At this time in March it was another friends’ birthday and since I already had set up a “painting space” in my office, I painted this one for my other friend.


The coolest thing ever was that at the same time I painted these quotes, my daughters bought themselves brush pens and totally copied my producing of painted quotes. I loved it. Here are two of their quotes on paper.


And apparently my daughter liked my painting from last year so much, that she wrote on her birthday wish list for her 10th birthday: “a painting with a saying from mommy”. I was very touched.

This was my gift for her double digits birthday last week.

You don’t need much and it is not expensive either.

A painted quote is a super easy, but very personal gift and you should definitely try it. You just need:

  • some acrylic paint
  • a canvas
  • colored pencils (you can print or write the quote and trace it on the canvas)
  • paintbrushes
  • and a quote you love.

Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration.

Check out my Pinterest boards quotes and signs for more ideas and have fun painting!

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