Just a random post because it is National Bratwurst Day. Yes, that’s right.

I wouldn’t have known, but Huffington Post keeps me posted about important stuff like that 😉

Celebrate National Bratwurst Day.

I’ve actually planned pasta for the family’s dinner, but I will definitely grill these sausages from Costco tonight too.

National Bratwurst Day

© cloudfront.net


A good Wurst is essential for Germans. 

These are in fact our favorite “Würstchen” in California. I always have a pack of “New York Style Pork Sausage” in the freezer for the spontaneous BBQ.


These two are worth buying as well:

© Trader Joe’s

© Trader Joe’s

Do you know Liv Hambretts book “What I know about Germans? 101 Observations”? It’s hilarious and so true. No. 32 states that   “Germans can always enjoy a hotdog/bratwurst,  no matter the time, no matter the place.”

And did you know there’s almost a day for anything? I wrote about that before in my post “There is a day for everything”.

Here you can check the National Day Calendar. Finally don’t forget: Tomorrow is “National I LOVE my feet Day”, lol!

Happy National Bratwurst Day! Enjoy a Wurst!

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