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Publishing a post every day got a bit challenging this weekend. It’s hard to take the time to post something good when you’re planning and celebrating your birthday party. My post from yesterday was a bit blah.

Happy birthday to me! We had a wonderful night with close friends, champagne and cake at midnight and with lots of laughter and dancing and almost no political conversations.

And today my family and I rode our bikes to Campbell downtown for a birthday brunch (acute lack of clean dishes).


Every Sunday there is the Urban Village Farmer’s market with lots of great, organic fruits and veggies, a big variety of food stands and many arts, jewelry and fashion market stalls.


It’s a great family activity for a Sunday morning. Get a coffee at Orchard Valley Coffee, stroll down East Campbell Avenue, get some high quality, slightly over-priced fresh produce and pastries or bread from Beckmann’s or Manresa.


If you live around here,  you might meet someone you know and have a chat. You can also do what we often do: Put yourself on the list for “Mo’s” or “Stacks” and walk up and down the market while you wait for your table.


In between you get nice peeks at the Campbell Water tower.


If you’re done shopping the market you can make a stop the Recycle bookstore and you should definitely check out “Therapy”. You will find great gifts for anyone or just something pretty for yourself.



some Street Art


Art Utility Box 

It was a beautiful fall day and I’m grateful for celebrating my birthday with my husband, kids and dear friends. Good night!


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