Museum Insel Hombroich

This was another beautiful day of my summer 2016 in Germany. I went there with my younger daughter and my sister. We had a wonderful time walking the grounds of the Museum Insel Hombroich even though it was a rainy day and we got pretty wet at the end.

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The Museum Island is located in Neuss, is both a park and a museum combining architecture, art and nature over 62 acres of meadowland.


It was founded by the art collector Karl-Heinrich Müller (1936 – 2007) in 1987. In creating this unique ensemble of art, architecture and landscape, he was true to the principle of the Impressionist Paul Cézanne‘art in parallel to nature’.


Karl-Heinrich Müller not only collected art, but maintained close contact with artists. He converted a barn in the old park for a student of Joseph Beuys and he and other artists have been working on the museum grounds ever since.


The museum is open year-round, every day from 10 am – 7 pm in April-October and from 10 am -5 pm in November – March. The admission is 15 € for adults and € 7 for students and children 6 years and older.


Almost in the middle of the parkland is a café where you can get water, tea and coffee as well as variety of light snacks typical for the region like potatoes with cottage cheese, dark bread with butter and jam and fruits. Everything is free, but a donation is highly appreciated.


Museum Insel Hombroich is a special place, away from the hustle and bustle of the nearby cities Düsseldorf and Cologne. It invites you to an immediate encounter with art and nature.


There are no signposts in the park, you are free to roam and find your own way on these spacious grounds and make your own discoveries of art and nature alike. This freedom of mind makes this place special. It sharpens your senses.