Best of January

 – I haven’t really been consistent with my Three Word Thursdays, but I vow to improve.

It is February and I’m glad that January 2017 is over. It was the worst January of the decade and we all know why. But now it’s over and I don’t only want to only remember the shitty moments of this month but rather trying to think of all the good things that happened in my little universe. I decided to make this a monthly tradition: The best, the highlights of each of the twelve units of the year. I’ve seen these kind of posts on other blogs and I loved the idea. So here we go. 

1 . We had a marvelous New Year’s Eve party with friends. We hung up the Disco Ball, had lots of champagne and danced through the night.


2. I have a teenage daughter now. Deep breath! And I produced another cool birthday cake, although it was not one of my best. Try making your own fondant! It’s messy but fun, affordable and much better than the one you can buy. And the “Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake” from is one of the best cakes ever.

3. My friend and I had a marvelous walk at the Seacliff Beach in Aptos. You can read about it here.


4. I had two mimosas before 11 am and met my husband for lunch at “The Counter” (awesome Chili Fries and Burgers!) during inauguration.

5. My girls, friends and I walked in the Women’s March Bay Area. It was an incredible  experience and probably the best of January 2017.

6. This video of a Dutch Late Night Show “Zondag met Lubach”. It’s great. It’s awesome. It’s absolutely fantastic.

7. Two friends and I went skiing in Squaw for one spectacular day.

8. We received our Green Card which was issued on Inauguration Day. Suckers!


9. Curry sinks a Half Court Shot vs. the Clippers!

10. I founded a Meet Up group for Expat Women in San Jose. Check it out here.


11. Trump draws.

You can find more memes here on


Looking at my list of January I realize what we need to keep doing in February:

Stand up and protest.

Make fun of him.

Do what you love. 



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