International Women’s Day

Today I want to honor some of the wonderful and strong women in my life.

B. who often comes up with new business ideas and evolves herself constantly. She always has an ear for my troubles and stays in touch with me even though we live almost 6000 miles apart. She is the beach I go to when I need perspective.

K. is a mom of three who lost her parents in the early thirties. She is happily married to my best friend and juggles the every day life with 3 kids under 10 and a teaching job so beautifully. She is like a fresh breeze, you don’t always know where it’ll take you.

S. was my roommate in university. She lost her daughter to cancer and has had to live with this loss for almost ten years now. She is a like a tree, strong-willed, calming and inspiring. And she has the best dark humor.

M. is like a roaring river. She’s strong, knows where she’s headed and is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met. She runs fast, cooks well and is extremely social. I don’t know where she gets all that energy from.

C. who is one of the happiest people I know. She is like the Californian sun: honest, smiles a lot and even if there are some clouds, she always gets through. Her radiance is contagious and I love hanging with her.

And my mom, who had a pretty tough childhood. She’s a loving mother and grandmother, extremely caring and puts herself and her needs often last. She is my rock, always there when I need her.

Thanks girls for being in my life!

By the way, the International Men’s Day is on November, 19th, which proofs my point that there is a day for everything.


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