Speaking German is not always easy.

Have you been living abroad for some time? Do you have children? Do your children go to public schools and not to a German private school? Your children don’t speak enough German and make grammar errors more frequently? Are you looking for new ideas how to improve your children’s German proficiency?

If you can answer some of these questions with “yes” you probably experience similar struggles like we do. You keep forgetting German words. It becomes increasingly difficult for your children to maintain an age-appropriate  level of German.

Then my series “German for Kids abroad” can maybe offer you some helpful tipps.

Keeping up German while living abroad is hard work. 

Both our children were born in Germany and it is very important to me personally that they can speak their mother tongue fluently as well as to read and write in German. They are supposed to take the Deutsches Sprachdiplom and, if possible study in Germany.

Achieving this goal is not easy. It is work and requires a lot of consequence. My only advantage is, that I’m a primary school teacher. I teach my own children together with other children in a similar situation. Since they started school here, they’ve learned how to read and write in German as well as spelling and grammar. But 1 – 2 hours / week cannot keep up with the full-time education of a German school.

Nevertheless, we make a great effort to integrate the German language into our everyday life. We try to speak mainly German, which is not always easy. The children speak a lot of English to each other, but when we are all together, we speak 90% German.

German for kids: Reading, writing, playing, listening, watching, making

In my series “German for kids living abroad” I will share versatile materials, tools and links with you. Things from my exeperience that can help to cultivate, promote and ultimately preserve the German language of your children abroad.

I will post the articles in German and English (For mothers whose mother tongue is not German, but who would like to help their children to learn or promote their father’s mother tongue.)

So far, I have planned articles on reading, appropriate workbooks for spelling and grammar and games. Furthermore, I will introduce computer programs, movies and series, apps and websites.

  • What is your particular interest in this topic?
  • Do you have favorite materials or other good ideas that you would like to share with me?
  • Do you live in California? Here are some good links.
  • I am looking forward to your feedback!

The next article deals with the topic of reading and the motivation to read. Stay tuned!

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