Friday Link Love October

It’s late on Friday, but I still like to share my monthly Friday Link Love with you. Here are some articles, and tweets that I’ve clipped over the last weeks as well as some videos.


link love: diversity

I’d like to share my friend’s article about workplace diversity on D!gitalist Magazine. In the global world of today, this topic is ubiquitous, especially here in the Silicon Valley. My friend also links to an interesting McKinsey study about “Why diversity matters”.



Friday Link Love: Life Improvement


Just recently I joined LinkedIn and I’m pretty pleased with the service and opportunities it offers. This article 7 Signs You Might Be Stuck in a Rut showed up in my LinkedIn newsfeed. I’m not in a rut myself, but I recognized some of the situations Melissa Chu describes from my own life. I think she shares some good ideas how to get out of this groove.


Have you followed the tweets about Trump uninviting Steph Curry from the White House? Ridiculous! I loved LeBron James’ response on twitter! Here’s an German article on that matter.


Friday Link Love: Twitter

As lunatic politicians, celebrities and corporations alike take to Twitter to hash things out, two of UK’s most respected museums have got in on the action. The Science Museum and the Natural History Museum were tweeting back and forth and it was funny and educational. “Two museums are having a fight on Twitter and it’s gloriously informative”.  And it’s brilliant social media worth following.








Friday Link Love: Food


The Sushi Salmon Bowl has become my family’s favorite dinner. So yummy!


Friday Link Love: Food


And I have found a new favorite chocolate for my afternoon coffee at my go-to grocery store Trader Joe’s. And pumpkin butter is back, yay!

Movies & Clips

I’m a travel addict and this Vogue article is right up my alley:

21 Escapist Films That Will Make You Book Your Next Vacation 

Friday Link Love: Movies
The Talented Mr. Ripley, 1999


If you haven’t seen it, this is one reason why I like to emphasize to my German and European friends that we don’t live in America, but in California, and that it is a big difference. I’m happy that I live in this state. Well done, Bill Maher!

I’m absolutely devastated about what happened in Las Vegas and not for the first time I wonder if this is the country I want my children to grow up being adults. I can’t hear the words “This is not the time to talk about gun control.” anymore! It IS the time and it has been the time to talk about gun control for years. As a permanent resident of the US I’m entitled to have an opinion about that, even though I’m not a citizen. I completely concur with Trevor Noah.

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