Friday Link Love in August

After four Friday Link Loves in June and July I decided that it is more likely to write this kind of post only once a month. So this is the first monthly edition of the Friday Link Love. 

Today I want to share a few stories, products, blogs and audibles with you. This time lots of these things are German. Let me know if you want more information about anything in English.


82-year old web developer. This is the story about a remarkable Japanese woman.  Masako Wakamiya was 60 years old when she bought her first computer. Today she is 82 – and an innovative app developer. Her game for seniors even impressed Apple CEO Tim Cook. Masako’s story is so inspiring and can teach us that it is never too late to learn new skills.

She shares her story in this TedTalk.


 “A Syrian Family’s Quest to Become German”  is a moving story about the life of a Syrian family in Hamburg. Asked by his mother, who is still in Syria, how Germans are, Adel Muati explains Germans astonishingly accurate.

The Germans (…) are generous to strangers but tough on themselves. They separate their garbage, sorting out glass, plastic and paper, and walk their dogs on a leash, like camels. They love cleanliness and rules, they prefer to make their lives difficult instead of easy, and they like to obey rules. “In fact,” Adel Muati says, “they would make the better Muslims.”



The QUQUQ box.

Friday Link Love August

This is an ingenious box which transforms your cargo car into a camper van. What a brilliant idea. It’s made in Germany and I’m in love. With a price of 2,290 Euro it isn’t cheap though. Nevertheless you should watch this video.

© Athleta



Athlete Pacifia UPF Tank 3.0

I don’t want to seem commercial, but I have to give this shirt my link love.  It’s light and comfortable, looks great and is on sale right now!


Link Love
© julias Lieblinge

I found the QUQUQ box on “Julia’s Lieblinge” instagram feed. She has one and is traveling through Sweden right now. Check out her blog.


Link Love

The German blog Karrierepfade. Susan writes about her new life in Canada and she shares valuable advice about career trends. I like her motto “The route is the goal.”


Friday Link Love August







There’s a stereotype that Germans aren’t funny. Not true, sorry. But even though it’s false to say that German comedy is making a comeback just now, this NPR clip is interesting and entertaining.

I definitely can confirm what Michael Mittermaier mentions about school. “Three times a week, we had guilt. On Fridays, we had shame.”



Friday Link Love August

First time in a while I listened to German radio last Sunday. WDR 2 is an informative station based in my city Cologne. It’s one of the eight stations of “Westdeutscher Rundfunk” which is also the TV station of my home state “Nordrhein-Westfalen”. Sunday nights they air the show “Weltzeit” (World Time) and I really enjoyed listening to it,


Once more I want to recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast “Magic Lessons”. I wrote it in my post “What ignites YOU? Do it.” yesterday.


Last but not least I want to share a wonderful German song. My friend Martina spent five weeks in Germany this summer and she shared it with me. It is a super catchy tune and over the last week my poor girls had to listen to it for about 50 times. Well, at least they know the lyrics now. And listening to popular German music is something that works really well for maintaining our native language.

The song “Sowieso” (anyway) basically wants to say that life will turn out good eventually anyway.

Here you can find the German and here the English lyrics.

Egal was kommt, es wird gut, sowieso.             No matter what comes, it will work out in the end, anyway

Immer geht ‘ne neue Tür auf, irgendwo             There’s always a new door opening, somewhere

Auch wenn’s grad nicht so läuft wie gewohnt   Even if it doesn’t go well sometimes, as usual

Egal, es wird gut, sowieso                                      No matter, it will work out in the end, anyway

I love this song and the video is so German, understated but brilliant, ha! Have a great weekend!

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  1. san

    August 11, 2017 at 3:08 pm

    Wie lustig! Innerhalb der letzten Woche habe ich 3x dieses Lied empfohlen bekommen und vorher hatte ich noch nie was von Mark Foster gehört 🙂 Aber … ‘a catchy tune’ !

    1. bellamonte

      August 11, 2017 at 6:22 pm

      Ich mag seine Musik wirklich gerne. Hör mal “Au Revoir” von ihm, das gefällt dir vielleicht auch.

      1. san

        August 12, 2017 at 1:01 pm

        Danke für den Tip!

        P.S. Irgendwie funktioniert das mit der “Benachrichtigung” bei neuen Kommentaren nicht, obwohl ich es unten angeklickt habe…

        1. bellamonte

          August 15, 2017 at 6:41 pm

          Das tut mir leid. Meine Kommentare sind eh etwas “screwed up”. Ich muss mich damit nochmal beschäftigen. Welches Plugin benutzt du dafür? Würde gerne mal ein paar Tipps von dir bekommen 😉

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