Friday Link Love

What is Friday Link Love?

I saw the post format Friday Link Love on several other blogs and now I’d like to give it a try today.

Friday Link Love is a list of things, events, podcasts, articles etc. that I ❤️during last week and like to share with you, my dear readers. And it would be fantastic, if you’d leave one or two of your favorite links in the comment section.

This is my Friday Link Love #1


These two blogs were my biggest inspiration for Friday Link LoveTina Busch and theinbetweenismine .

I’ve been following the blog “Oh God, my wife is German” for a while and it is hilarious. One of my favorite posts is “Manuel Neuer: My Nonsexual (but Still Gay as Hell) Man-Crush from Germany”.

Friday Link Love: Oh my God my wife is German


I booked flight to Germany this week and even though I ended up booking on again (because they offered a reduced price for children under 12), I discovered Google Flights and liked it a lot. Seems great for last minute deals.

If you get the Shutterfly app on your phone, you can get up to 250 free prints of your camera roll for free. You can get prints of your favorite Instagram in 4 x 4 or just your regular 4 x 6 prints. My prints are on their way – awesomeness!

Friday Link Love: Shutterfly free prints


My favorite cocktail of the week was the “Nice Pear”. My friend and I had it at SP2 in San Jose downtown and it was delicious! It was a gin-based cocktail, but I could only find recipes with vodka. I’ll try to make it myself this weekend. Here is another recipe.

Friday Link Love: Nice Pear Cocktail



After a couple cocktails my friend and I saw and Kristin and Jen from #imomsohard at the Center of the Performing Arts in San Jose. It felt so good to laugh that hard and even though I’m a bit “outgrown” of some of the mom things they make fun of, they really put on a great show and you should check out all their videos on their website. One of my favorite ones is I Swimsuit Season So hard. Check them out, they’re on “Mom’s Night Out: Summer Break Tour” through the States until August, 1.


And the biggest highlight of the week is, that I scored a part-time job for the next three weeks!

Yay, I love Fridays!

Have a great weekend!





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