Yesterday night my younger daughter and I attended the final event of a donation drive at her elementary school. For a period of 10 days families could drop off food and other essentials for families in need for the upcoming holiday season. This event was affiliated with “Doing Good Together™”  and all the donations will benefit Sacred Heart Community Service, a non-profit organization in downtown San Jose.

Sacred Heart serves  over 16 zip codes in our area. Their work is based on a 90 % volunteer effort and they don’t only offer food, clothes and other but a variety of services to provide people with the tools they need to find jobs, housing and to improve their lives in general. You can see all their programs here.

“Our mission is to build a community free from poverty by creating hope, opportunity, and action. We provide essential services, work together to improve our lives, advocate for justice, and inspire our community to love, serve, and share.” 

We live in the wealthy Silicon Valley, people are generally very charitable and donated this huge amount of non-perishable food, clothes, toiletries, baby formula, blankets etc. It was heart warming.


After Sergio from Sacred Heart told us a bit about the organization and the services they offer, all families sorted the donations and boxed them. This took only 10 minutes (!) because there were so many helping hands, working together.


After the sorting, everyone could make a Hunger Advocacy Placemat to send to our elected official and/or a holiday card. Most children did both and showed a lot of compassion making these pieces.

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A big thank you to Ashley Raggio.img_1767 She’s given so much time to initiate and realize these family volunteering events.

With regard to the events of the last week this family event felt so right. Lots of people came and worked together to help families that are less fortunate and this is exactly what we need to do: Be kind and come closer together.

This was the second Doing Good Together™ event at Bagby Elementary school. I wrote about the first one in March. You can read it here.

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